William Hill
Senior Software Engineer
April 2019 - Now
  • Was part of the team responsible for developing sportsbook features.
  • Was one of the lead developers on the multistate initiative which involved making the sportsbook capable of working across many states.
  • Was responsible for upgrading the build system and how the site is shipped via CloudFront, Lambda@Edge, and S3.
Senior Software Engineer
November 2016 - April 2019
  • Was part of the team responsible for porting over old sites to the new stack which was full stack Node.js.
  • Was the lead developer on mlb.com/news.
  • Helped migrate client side stack from RequireJS and Bower to Webpack and Node modules.
  • Helped pioneer usage of React, ES6+ to help create our client side apps, as well as utilize it’s server side rendering features for SEO purposes.
  • Helped troubleshoot build issues through AWS and Jenkins.
Senior Front End Developer
December 2014 - November 2016
  • Developed a query tool and dashboard for Chase to allow marketers to easily query their data using Elasticsearch, JavaScript, Grunt, and Jasmine.
  • Responsible for developing the new version of the Chromebook demo app for Google which was written in Backbone using requirejs, Grunt, SASS.
  • Created a number of marketing resources such as landing pages, emails, ads, as well as microsites for Chase.
Digital Developer
December 2013 - December 2014
  • Developed Drupal CMS websites from scratch for projects ranging from financial institutions to large-scale university websites.
  • Setup and manage multiple VPS’s on Digital Ocean for client websites.
  • Developed Microsites using PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript for clients to collect a variety of information and then serving up a custom written admin allowing clients to have a portal to login to and view the information.
Alpha Engineering
Web Developer
May 2012 - December 2013
  • Developed client portal that allowed users to register for events using ​Bootstrap​, PHP, and MySQL.
  • Developed an in house sales portal for our sales team to keep track of the number of cold calls and who they were calling using ​Bootstrap​, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, and MySQL.
Web Developer
December 2012 - Current
  • Sole developer for the ​USRowing website​. The site was built in Wordpress using ACF.
  • While working on USRowing I was responsible for moving the site to AWS and getting it ready for the Olympics.
  • Developed a number of other small websites in Wordpress and Drupal over the years and am comfortable working with both.
  • Developed a payment portal for a small business allowing them to receive payments online. The portal was built using Node.js, Express, Mongoose, and Braintree Payments API.



  • Recently created a website called Pomy that was built to help track focused time throughout the day using a customizable Pomodoro technique.
  • Created a Google Chrome extension using Webpack, React, Redux, and ES6 that allows for users to quickly and easily search for cdn hosted libraries on cdnjs.com. Available here!
  • Create a VS Code extension that allows you to quickly search Giphy.com. Availabe here!